Make Good Habits Habitual: Your Daily Routine and Your Productivity

Published: 14th April 2011
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There are many ways to enhance productivity in your daily routine. I recommend looking closely at how you live your life and adjusting what goes on in it, with the goal of forming good habits that will make life easier and more productive.

One way to foster good habits in life is to know your productivity schedule; in other words, whether you are a night person or a morning person. There are many people who love working early in the morning and are highly productive then. I'm not one of them. I do my best work at night, and I'm not particularly functional with early morning schedules. Knowing which group you fit in is an important first step in planning your daily workload. I can make dramatic improvements to my speed and effectiveness simply by doing tasks that require maximum alertness later in the day when I'm at my peak productivity. Knowing your best time of day is therefore an excellent way to improve time management and planning skills.

Of course, for me, developing good habits means being industrious at all times, so I try not to neglect the less-productive part of my day. I use my mornings for reading, research, and planning, so that by the time I'm feeling more alert and energetic later in the day, I'm ready to start getting things accomplished. If you are an early morning type person, you can use the night before as your planning time. I've found that it's also important not to be too rigid, since emergencies and unexpected things will pop up. There may be times when it is impossible to work within your desired peak productivity schedule, but if you have good habits overall, you should be able to effectively manage these situations with minimum stress.

Living a healthy lifestyle is also crucial to improving productivity in your life. Good health fosters mental acuity and awareness and keeps you alert and ready for whatever the day has in store. Eating healthier, living healthier, spending some time in the gym or doing some other form of exercise: these are good habits that can dramatically increase your ability to be at your productive best. When I neglect my health, perhaps skipping meals or not sleeping well, I find that my productivity decreases. Taking a break away from the computer and going for a walk to clear my head is sometimes all it takes to make me feel more energetic. As a result of paying attention to my state of health, I am able to get more accomplished.

Being well-organized is another way to foster healthy habits that benefit and enhance overall productivity. I do this by creating daily task lists to help me delegate jobs in a time-efficient manner. Organizing my tasks on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis allows me to carry out plans without forgetting anything important. Not only does this make me more efficient and productive, it makes my life easier and decreases my overall stress.

Computers can be an excellent organizational tool, and by using them efficiently we promote good habits. I use my computers for all my planning, record-keeping, and scheduling. Like most other people, I use my computer for email and maintaining contact with others, relaying information back and forth quickly and effectively. The information flow, however, can be hindered when one's contact list becomes disordered and full of duplicate information, but there is software that can mitigate this problem.One such program is, a cloud based duplicate contact remover. In addition to merging & deleting duplicates it also gives you total control over how it is accomplished and makes a secure backup for you to download to any of your other devices.

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